Keedwell Scotland

Keedwell Scotland

Keedwell Scotland have been at the forefront of logistics
and freight in the UK for many years.

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About Keedwell Scotland

Keedwell places a high emphasis on staff wellness and happiness and looks for initiatives to help make our workplace a fun and vibrant place to be.

They got in touch with The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop as we are a local company to them and they wanted to introduce a weekly fresh fruit delivery to help deliver their mission of being an employer who takes care of their staff.

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We are extremely easy to buy from. 

We are contactable in, all our social media platforms and as long as you order before 6pm we can have your delivery with you the next morning.

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The Business

Everything we deliver is bought fresh from The Glasgow Fruit Market on the morning of delivery.

If there are any issues with anything that we deliver we will have it instantly replaced.

The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop Is Very Reliable

“The fruit for the workplace delivery service that The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop offers is very reliable, and the produce is fresh and vibrant. Our team loves the fruit deliveries each Monday and it has really helped team morale and more importantly our overall well-being. Unlike some suppliers we have, the response time to emailed enquiries, etc is in line with our own business and I love that. 

The service is absolutely bang on… well apart if you could extend the strawberry seasons on your own. We would be more than happy to recommend you and your team Steven and have done so already and also publicly on LinkedIn.”

John McLellan
Keedwell Scotland

Case Study


Tip: Are there any positive results that have come from the services?

Employee feedback scores, more focus? Less sick days? Happier employees. More uptake on returning to working from the office. What types of impact do you see coming from your customer? Yes, you are delivering fruit, milk possibly other items but showing it’s always consumed or impacting in a positive way towards their work is always good to touch on.

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