CCG Scotland

CCG Scotland

CCG Scotland is a construction company based in Glasgow, Scotland.They specialise in providing a range of services, including design, construction, and development of residential, commercial, and public sector buildings. CCG stands for Construction and Contracting Group, and the company has been in operation since 1995.

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About CCG Scotland

CCG Scotland’s commitment to employee development, health and safety, sustainability, company culture, and employee benefits make it a desirable company to work for.

CCG Scotland are always looking for ways to maintain staff morale and at the same time improve staff health.

We decided to get in touch with ourselves to deliver fresh fruit to their workplace every Monday morning due to our reputation of excellent customer service and delicious produce.

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The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop offers a hassle free way to provide your staff healthy snacks and they can also include milk with your fruit delivery as well.

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The Business

The Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop does not charge for delivery, there is no contract to sign up to either and your first delivery is half price.

Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop Is Friendly And Helpful

“I found the workplace delivery service with the Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop to be friendly and helpful. We are quite a large organisation with several different offices and Steven has been amazing at catering to all our needs.

Steven always gives plenty of notice of any changes that occur e.g. upcoming bank holidays/closures etc. They are a local company that works in a very professional manner, delivering excellent customer service. We would absolutely recommend your services to others.”

Tricia Flaherty
CCG Scotland

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Tip: Are there any positive results that have come from the services?

Employee feedback scores, more focus? Less sick days? Happier employees. More uptake on returning to working from the office. What types of impact do you see coming from your customer? Yes, you are delivering fruit, milk possibly other items but showing it’s always consumed or impacting in a positive way towards their work is always good to touch on.

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