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Fresh Fruit & Veg: Fresh and Flavorful Farm-Fresh Produce Delivered!

Established in 1978, Fresh Fruit & Veg has become synonymous with quality and taste. We pride ourselves on sourcing the freshest produce while championing sustainability and supporting local producers. Based in the vibrant Glasgow Fruit Market, we carefully handpick the most delightful and in-season fruits and vegetables available each day. Rest assured, every item in your delivery is chosen with meticulous care.

We’re not your average fruit company. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We continuously strive for greatness, embracing change as a catalyst for growth. We believe that a dynamic approach and attentiveness to your needs are essential for success in any business.

Why Have Your Fruit and Vegetables Delivered?

Having your fruit and veg delivered offers the convenience of saving time, guarantees high-quality and fresh produce, and promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing easy access to a variety of nutritious options.

The top three reasons we see our customers ordering their fresh fruit and veg boxes with us.

Supercharged Convenience

Having fruit and vegetables delivered directly to your home or business saves you time and effort. No more rushing to the supermarket or dealing with crowded aisles. With delivery, you can conveniently access a wide variety of fresh produce without leaving your doorstep.

Quality and Freshness

When you choose fruit and veg delivery, you can be assured of receiving high-quality and fresh produce. Reputable delivery services prioritise sourcing from the Glasgow Fruit Market (on the very day it goes out to you), ensuring that you get the best and most flavorful fruits and vegetables available. Say goodbye to wilted greens or unripe fruits!

Health and Wellness

Incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle. With delivery, you have easy access to a wide selection of nutrient-rich produce, helping you maintain a balanced diet and achieve your health goals. Regularly consuming fresh fruits and vegetables can boost your immune system, improve digestion, and contribute to overall well-being.

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We buy all our produce fresh from the Glasgow Fruit Market on the morning of delivery.

We only include what tastes good that morning and is in season. Whether you are looking to promote a healthy eating lifestyle in your household or find subscription boxes a convenient way to keep away from snack-filled supermarkets, we have a box for you.

Fresh Fruits And Vegetable Everyday

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions?

Can I tell you about a safe space to leave my box?
Certainly! You can specify during checkout.
Can I cancel at anytime?
We require a single month’s notice.
Are there delivery fees?
No! Free delivery for home addresses.
When are payment taken?
First payment to be taken up front and then subsequent payments are debited on the first of the month.
Can I have more details on the delivery?
Please include alternative delivery instructions if you are in. IE a safe spot or neighbours house. If you are not in and we do not have a safe spot we can either deliver the following day or you can pick your delivery up at the shop. We will not deliver outside the noted days.
I'm outside your delivery zone, can I still order?
If you live within an area that is not in our delivery zone then please email us ( and you can pick your delivery up at the shop
Anything else?
Please email with any questions!

We Aim To Provide The Freshest Fruits And Vegetables

All our staff across our sites here in Scotland have informed they are all very happy with the variety and standard of fresh fruit which we receive weekly. As you will have seen these seem to be eaten with no leftovers so that is always a good sign. I would add that we have been using the Fresh Fruit & Veg Shop for our twice weekly deliveries among the teams in Glasgow and Greenock. Our team are always delighted with the freshness of the fruit, and the selection. Steven and his team are always quick to respond to any queries and are always super friendly. Very highly recommended.

Geraldine FlahertyCigna Insurance

Our employees are raving about our new fruit for the office delivery from The Fresh Fruit Shop. They love the quality and variety. We are delighted that we reached out and spoke to you.

Jordan SaundersArvato Financial Services
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